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Ok so you are saying that if we legalized drinking, drugs driving and airsoft for people under 18 then they wouldn't do anything stupid with them? Let us look at other examples... driving without drinking/drugs. I have seen a lot of young people do a lot of stupid stuff with cars. Light bulbs... yea I saw a kid in my highschool throwing light bulbs at people. Batteries, matches and lighters, rubber bands, eggs, water baloons etc.. When you are young you can turn a normal everyday object into a tool of stupidity. Legalizing drugs, alcohol and the rest will NOT solve the problem; in the case of drugs it is more likely to draw people into a culture of quick cash and cause more stupidity. Legalizing airsoft guns for people under 18 is likely to move the stupidity from the more cunning stupid kids to all stupid kids. Granted, there are kids who are responsible, but these kids come (more often than not) from parents who are responsible and will take the time and have the interest to make their kid responsible. I know of several players who are underage, they are responsible and you can see this because their parents show up to the games, talk with people and stay while their kid plays. It is not up to the entire community to be parents to every Tom, Dick and Jane teenager (who are 9 times out of 10 not responsible) who wants to play; they have parents, who, if they think their child is responsible enough to get into this sport and they themselves are responsible, will take an interest in this (I think I just said the same thing twice) and coach their child into the sport properly. The only real control we have is at games and events and this is up to the host to decide.
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