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Originally Posted by aZn_triXta07
Pmall for example is like that, except they do kind of discourage them with their incredibly ridiculous high prices. Some kid I know paid $300 for a TM M92F EBB from them.
Lots of kids will buy EBBs for outragous prices at Pacific Mall.

Why? I know several losers (Mostly chinese and brown) that bought them and pretend they are real: They think them and their friends are 'gangster' and try to intimidate people.

I seriously hope they put a law in place soon prohibiting the posession (Not only ownership) of an airsoft gun for minors (Below 18 ). I'm aware there are plenty of mature 16-17 year old players but the sad fact is, the majority of our 16-17 year olds AREN'T mature enough to handle airsoft. While this may be harsh, sometimes you need to cut off a finger to save the hand.

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