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Originally Posted by Fluffy
I'm sorry to change the subject a little, but it's been stated in this thread that since it's almost impossible for the retailers to make sure that the guns they sell aren't going to underage people, that the responsibility falls on the clubs to not let these people play.

Now I understand the reason for this and before reading this thread I completely agreed with it. However it got me thinking that when a 14 year old kid manages to get his hands on one the first thing he would do (if he were smart) is to try to find a club to go and play the game properly. If we all shun him, he's is a lot more likely to go out and find other "fun" things to do with his new $400 toy than let it collect dust in the closet for the next four years. I think rather than just outright refusing them any support, knowledge, or mentoring we should try to educate these young kids.

If the parents won't do it, would you prefer to teach them yourself the "do's and don'ts" of airsofting, or have them figure it out on their own.

My $0.02, sorry
Most if not all airsoft fields do have age restriction FYI.
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