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Originally Posted by yanhchan
I'm actually ok with having some minors owning airsoft as long as parents approve because I've had airsoft guns since I was 10 all from my mom and dad. I got my NBB Sig Sauger when I was 12 from my dad. I didn't feel the need to go and shoot people back then and I don't feel the need to randomly hunt down people now. I mean you have airsoft games you don't need to live real life grand theft auto everyday...

When I bought my airsoft guns a few months ago I was never checked for my age though. Retailers are in it for the money...I mean the smoke shop near my house sells cigarettes to grade 10 kids...
I completly agree. Out of the 13 or so guns i've purchased in the past 2 years, I have only been asked once to get my dad to speak with the seller before we completed the transaction (just to verify that I was allowed to buy them and stuff)...and actually that wasnt even for a retailer that was for a seller right here on ASC. (before the buy sell rule came into effect) I do believe retailers are in it for the money, and I think airsoft is starting to attract alot more attention from 14-17 range. Fact is, its not too hard to obtain airsoft guns, but its up to the clubs to use there own discretion about who can come play and who cannot.

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