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It's all very disturbing but I think the general public will be more upset by the fact that a teen did this. It will become another one of these juvenile delinquent stories, not so much an 'airsoft is evil story'. That's just the way I see it. Even if people don't know the word airsoft, plastic BB guns have been around for a while and generally people will hear that and think "toy" not "replica gun". If it does become something in the media it will just be treated like another one of those local paintball incidents where teens shoot kids at halloween it won't have much of an effect on airsoft.

Originally Posted by CARL
I would say this, in the real firearms community they have struggled with the media to tell their side of it and have had great difficulty the media is more or less liberal left minded and owned. There generally for banning of everything that even resembles a firearm. Before every airsoft gun is sold one must be at least given a either a book of rules in regards to airsoft guns and laws or made to read, or at least listen to a few pages of do's and dont's with airsoft guns, like a questioner for example. Either way the retailers have to be smart about it, and should look to the FACC, or Canada Shooting Sports Association CSSA/CILA for some advice.

I wouldn't be surprised in the future if it becomes mandatory for airsofters to have there (Firearms Liscence) FAC in the future. Also i recommend that all airsofters should get that anyways its a very good idea. It will promote and arm us with info and legal advice to know our rights in case bad things come down. Also by getting your FAC it would further support the firearms community and hopefully in the future the whole sytem can be shut down by droping the gun registry, which would greatly help relieve any posibilty of our sport being shut down. Trying to convince the media is a bad idea especially without any experience, things will be taken out of context and minipulated to how they want the story to be percieved by the masses, it could be devasting to the sport and back fire. Public realations is a bitch and has to be done by professionals and done in a controlled enviroment. Even the name AEG is bad Automatic electric GUNS, that last word is exactly which will kill the sport i know it sounds stupid but the media and liberal left will jump all over that. I hope my thoughts and opions helps you guys in the right direction.

I agree with the whole media/public perception thing entirely. I think the term "BB gun" should be used more often. It may have the word gun in it but it sounds far more innocent.
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