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This is nothing new and unfortunately happens on a regular basis, but nothing can be done about it except to prosecute the individuals involved, which I am glad to see is happening.

Attention under 18 airsofters...this is why airsoft is get arrested and thrown in jail for branishing these guns in public. Airsfot guns must be treated as real firearms at all times....they are just too real looking to mess around with in public. Just because its an airsoft gun that shoots plastic bb's doesn't mean its gonna be percieved as that by others, unfortunatly.

I don't think this is gonna do any harm to our sport though....I mean paintball guns have been around for a while and kids go around shooting those at other people in public all the time. There are just some stupid people out there that don't know how to act responsibly.

Its all hype, lets just be thankfull that he didn't have an aeg and go full auto on people. If that guy does play airsoft with any club, he should be banned.
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