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Originally Posted by pizzainthemorning
P90's that have special extensions so they can take M16 mags (maybe those really exist, but I don't know, it looked weird).
Yeah the boxmag isn't to my taste either. Makes it look like a "man vs alien" movie tool. A couple of guys on my team have it because of the regular p90 hi-cap mag issue though (sticking) and it is quite effective as hi-caps go.

As to the training aspect, I think the Japanese are probably closer to realism than one might think...

You'll note the winner of this 380,000$ prize speed shooting tournament in both Limited and open classes is Tatsuya Sakai of Japan...

A quote from one of the main ISI forums...

Sakai told me that he has won the "Steel Challenge of Japan" (the Airsoft version) six times in a row, using (I beleive) one of the Airsoft S-V raceguns, which is as close to an excact duplicate of a "real gun" that I've ever handled.

Mike Dalton said they use 1/4-scale plates for their competitions at appropriately scaled down distances.

Sakai comes over three weeks before the Steel Challenge to tune up with a live gun. He told me it takes him a day to make the transition from Airsoft to cartridge gun, because the recoil on the Steel Challenge guns isn't really much of an issue. He says now that he's done it for several years (I believe he's finished 2nd in Open a couple of times), the transition is no big deal.
I don't have any information about the effectiveness of airsoft in training for outdoor engagements but it's definitely on for cqc.

I note a lot of guys in outdoor games using bushes as hard cover and taking chances you just wouldn't take if you were gonna get a .223 or AK round for your trouble. I'm often able to just step out of the way of streams of bb's shot at extreme ranges, which is a bit silly. I suspect outdoor games teach good fieldcraft since you have to get MUCH closer to be within airsoft aeg ranges though.

I love woodland airsoft but I suspect it reaches it's pinnacle in training effectiveness in a cqc environment.

I would love to see Sakai with a WA SV at one of those billion bb


p.s. One of the prizes Sakai won was a NICE handgun. As he couldn't own a firearm in Japan, he gave it away to one of the other competitors. How cool is that? Apparently any kind of airsoft makes you cool.
Ummm...yeah I meant to say that. Didn't I?
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