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Originally Posted by harleyb
Originally Posted by Shinjin_MC
And I can say that they are definitely better in gunsmithing than us Canadians.
Some of the custom airsoft and even gun tuning on that site are pretty crazy.
Google translation link here:
The links to the actual modifications are at the very bottom left. There's some insane stuff on there... ball bearing tappet plates and crazy shit.
Using google translator, I wonder why they translate gun into cancer/gun. :???:

After looking at the Gun Smith Gallery, I think I feel for the original poster's shock when he saw the shotgun with the silencer as I saw this M16 PISTOL. :x:

Though most of the guns look fairly normal, but if you go through the gallery, you'll CERTAINLY find a few shocker in there.

After browsing through most of the site, they seem to be REALLY hardcore into it by the look of some of the mods and upgrades. They also have some interesting indoor shooting competition; sniper rifle challenge as well as pistol challenge.

Originally Posted by pizzainthemorning
I think that "Canadian Airsoft" is in truth more realistic, and in the end, yields better soldiers.
I do see your point but however, I would imagine in a real war, the side with more bullets will often dominate the other side. I mean what can you really do when your whole squad is pinned down by a few machine gunners except calling for help from another squad, requesting artillery, armour vechicle, or a fly-by. When you speak about stealth, reflexes, endurance and cunning, it reminds me more of special ops on a recon mission than a full out battle in a field.

But see "Japanese Airsoft" from this point of view, it's generally agreed that places like Japan has more of a face-pace culture. If I was there working 5 maybe 5.5 days (Work every other saturday) a week, and over 40 hrs per, I would be pretty tired/stressed out by the time the weekend come. What else would be better to do than spending the weekend at an airsoft field, letting your finger loose, doing a lil tragger happy action and go crazy for a little while.

As psychotic as it sounds, I do feel more calm/happy after unloading a clip with my glock in my basement range after a long stressful day of work. :shock:
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