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mykill666 wrote:
Milsim to me doesnt mean 'how real your gun is'. in all honesty, my opinion, how real your gun is, determined by if your parts are replica is a stupid way to think of the definition of milsim
All I said was they play more milsim than we do :-D . I never said "how real your gun is" is how to define milsim.
Then I said they look way more realistic than we do, becuase they have the real stuff... and looking the part does help make the game more realistic.
When they do play as terrorists, they do play in jeans and T-shirt.. to look the part.

I guess I was looking at Hong Kong airsoft more than Japanese airsoft when I said they play more milsim... my bad. :smack:

I agree many players here buy real stuff too (and looks very good btw)... But in comparison, more precentage of players do that over there than here, that's all.
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