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Milsim to me doesnt mean 'how real your gun is'. in all honesty, my opinion, how real your gun is, determined by if your parts are replica is a stupid way to think of the definition of milsim. to me, milsim is the style of the game, the attitude of the people. do you see guys in iraq holding theyr gun like the M29 in ghost recon 2 popping it out around corners and just holding the trigger? no because THATS unrealistic. maybe when we discover some type of ammunition that never runs out and never has to be reloaded, we can just pop our weapon out, hold the trigger and hope to hit something. but your gear and gun have nothing to do with milsim. look at wars in africa... guys run around with ripped up jeans, a shirt, and a rag on theyr head, the gun, typical Andrew Kalishnakov 47, thats probably been dropped about 40 times. lol like i said its a style of play, not the style you wear/carry.
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