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Paypal said they will deal with him if he uses Paypal service again but I doubt that. Anyhow, his paypal profile says he is Jackie Ng, in a PM he told me he lives up near 19th. I searched for any Ng's in that area in Markham and only came up with one Chan. Like I said, if it is possible to get a track on his IP address we could possibly figure out where he is from. I really don't know if the police will do anything as we have NO contact information whatsoever. If so I woulda personally already paid him a visit or so on. Since his ASC profile said he was only 17 I'd like to speak with his parents about this as well. But yeah ... right now we don't have much to follow up on. He hasn't logged on ASC since the incident so he's not going to read this post at all.
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