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Originally Posted by ATREYU
I can appreciate what you are saying, and I agree, but what is done is done, and we will just have to sort the issue out. I have 2 main concerns here, the victims getting thier money back, and making sure he doesn't rip off any more of our fellow airsofters either using this name, or another user. And as I said, we are considering going to metro very soon. No doubt this person is on these boards on a different user. He had some "easy fish" he caught. Why give up a good fishing hole, right? So, if you're here reading this Gamer, be a sport and cough up the money you owe, because if you don't, I will make it my mission to find you! And I'll make an example out of you for anyone else who decides to rip people off on this forum! That was not a threat mods - simply my way of saying enough is enough!
My best recommendation is just to send him ONE last email, give him 24-48hrs, saying this will be last warning until all of you file a report on it.

It would suck being him if the forum finds out who he is in real life. It would suck BADLY being public enemy #1 on the airsoft field.
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