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Originally Posted by thephenom
And not to bash you, LaZeDoUt^, but why would you ask him to ship something when he lives like 10 minutes away from you living in Markham. If anyone preferred paypal over cash, I would feel a lil iffy and pick up the item physically and pay him on the spot with a laptop.

But the GOOD thing is, if he is in Markham, I would ask the Mods for help for an IP, and report this to the police. The police would likely be more involved if it's a local deal since it requires less effort.

Best of luck with it. But definitely report to the mod to see if they can provide information on the matter, and also file a report to the police. We certainly don't need dishonest traders in this community.

EDIT: His ebay account is still active, so I really doubt that's really Gamers' ebay ID.
We have already discussed going to metro police, and it IS an option we are willing to resort to, especailly since this person has done this more than once. And it's actually not neccessarily a ten minute drive. LaZeDoUt^ Lives in in the north of Richmond Hill, and we don't know where exactly in Markham this person lives, and Markham's a big place.
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