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Originally Posted by aZn_triXta07
I am the one who has a problem with gamer123 regarding the holster. Originally I had hoped he would do a local deal with me but he said he was too busy and away from the city so I made an exception to that. I had even requested a phone number from him but got no reply. We all hav filed paypal claims against him, his name is apparently Jackie Ng and he sells on eBay ...but anyhow ... he has no available funds in his account as he is a Paypal verified so I'm guessing all funds were transferred to his bank account. I was wondering if an admin could get an IP fix on him to see where he may be from? Since he is only 17 I would like to speak with his parents specifically about this.
Ya paypal won't do crap in these situation. Paypal is pretty much the last person who would help you. (It really is a shame that paypal is so worthless)
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