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Deal Gone Bad With Gamer123

Hey everybody.

On 02-15-2006 me and 2 other people on this site got scammed on a King Arms AK47 wood kit shown here:
I sent the money through paypal, confirmed the payment with the seller and soon after recieved a PM that said " Ok, will ship it ASAP". I posted "SOLD" in the thread the wood kit was posted in. I got a PM from a member on this forum asking which item I had purchased. I told him it was the wood kit. He Said that he had just bought the same item and was also sent a PM saying it would be sent ASAP. I PM'd gamer123 multiple times, no reply. Another person on the forums got scammed from the same member, gamer123 but it was for a holster. We filed a complaint with paypal and they responded soon after saying that they could not refund our money because all of the money had been taken out of his account. This is when i started to get really P'd off. What I am wondering is if anyone here has been scammed by this guy and if anyone has any info on this guy. (Name, Address ect) There is someone on these forums that has the info but will not release it.

Thanks in advance.
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