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I am new to airsoft as a sport, but it seems to me, that avoiding the media is just delaying what is perceived by many here as an inevitable backlash to the sport. I don't think that a negative public reaction is a given. You too are a member of the public, and at one point knew nothing of airsoft, yet you now have grown to appreciate it by understanding its positives.

With that perspective, I would suggest that people in a position of responsibility - owners of fields, proprietors of clubs, retailers, etc ought to make a story that media would like to report about, regarding the intrinsic values of organised airsoft as a creative and safe means of channelling energy into something fun and responsible.

This scene really does police itself very well, and has a deeply seated sense of responsibility which it instills into new players. Its far from subversive and would seem to benefit from a true public understanding. Below is a repost from a while back, but my favourite airsoft video. It shows what an open attitude not only by the media, but also by the airsofters can achieve:

Replica guns make no friends by default in the general public because they are associated with real violence. It is in the best interest of organised airsoft to steal the glare being shined on airsoft guns as a negative by the media, and to show there is a real upside to them before enough people have seen enough bad incidents to conclude otherwise and pass laws.
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