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Originally Posted by Skruface
Originally Posted by Dracheous
OKay, where is all the info for when where howmuch and can I use a drop harness off that chopper? ((Okay I know the pilot will more than likely refuse because its A. A 206 ((L2?)) and B. If anything went wrong... it'd hurt... but it sure would have been fun ))

BTW the link that MEAT had in that very first post won't work.
Pilot's not gonna let anyone rappel out of the bird. We asked last year with a bunch of guys who are rope-qualified with a bunch of time in the CF. Short answer - not gonna happen. The bird is for insert/dustoff only.

Well, like I said A. its a 206 L2 from what I could see ((There was four seats in the rear wasn't there? Gonna have to recheck, but I know its not the L3 because the landing struts are too narrow and the cargo compartment is too short (((under the tailboom))) )) the craft wouldn't be able to support people dangling from it with out proper balance rigging. Or you'd have to perfect balance two repellers at the same time. As well its not the best platform for head room. And I did state it was hypothetical ((sp?)) and that I knew the pilot would say no, hell I would say No, and my uncle doesn't let me near his Pawn-E no more because that aircraft is MUCH more manueverable than he'll let on
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