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Basic gearbox upgrade is 40$ this includes shims, de-grease, re-grease, porting the piston head and instalation of any aftermarket parts

Basix gearbox maintenance and inspection is 25$

Custom machining work is charged at 40$ an hour...think it's expensive... My boss bills me out at 127$/hour so do the math. Yeah I'm on part with cnc millings. The joy of die making.

Possessed guns well... the final price will depend on the anount of sanity I lost figuring it out...anywhere from 20$ to 200$

Top SAWs well a complete rebuild and tuneup is about 150$

CA guns... don't waist my time.

ICS guns... yeah well...mabie....

As for parts I have a bunch of Guarder upgrade parts offered at decent price. The client is free to buy them or order his own. In the end it's all the same to me.

The time I spend on other peoples guns is time I don't have to fix or mod mine, play with my girls or relax. Time is money and so is my time.

And since I get about 4 guns a week for various reasons, being shipped to me from as far as Manitoba, I figure I'm doing something right.
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