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King Arms G27 Pistol Grip For M16 & M4 Series

King Arms G27 Pistol Grip For M16 & M4 Series
Price US$ 23.00 from UNC

I had been eyeing this grip up for some time now. I had seen a few other guns with it and I knew I had to have one. After seeing it on a real-steel M4 painted 2-tone, I was sold on it.

Lemme just say, it looks great, and is much thicker then your standard M4/M16 grip. I always felt the M4/M16 grip to be too small in my hand. The stock TM grip felt weak also, so I upgraded to a standard reinforced Guarder M4/M16 grip, ene though it felt more solid, it still felt small.

Im going to point out, my Sr16 is fully upgraded and Im using a reinforced hurricane mechbox. The reciever is a Guarder New Generation SR16 metal reciever. Fitting this grip on took some pushing. I dont know why, but it took alot of work to get it on the gun. The motor cover, I had to file the opening down a little to get it in, still, good luck taking the motor cover off. As a warning, for anyone who gets this grip, take a few minuits and file the inside down to help install your parts.

How does it feel? Amazing....its like hand sex. Very solid.

I touch of OD paint and volia!

in the end, its a great buy. I highly recommend it.
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