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Just thought I'd add the perspective of an 'inactive player'. I'm looking forward to playing my first game come summer. It will only ever be a once a month thing for me during fair weather, as paintball was before I happened upon ASC. I love the gear and realism of airsoft which got me to switch over, and over this winter I have accrued a collection I've been enjoying to strip, rebuild, modify and plink with. AEG's are damn cool!

As for post count and whatnot (like it matters - words should be weighed, not measured) the site has been a good reference point to learn about gear and the sport in my spare time - which I have very little of - and to consequently share my budding interest in airsoft guns. I've made a few contacts, had a few good political debates on the side, threw in a review and all in all, have enjoyed the time spent thus far.

I'm already sure I'll get owned when I go out against the seasoned vets in a couple months, but I look forward to it. The best graphics in a first-person shooter ever ;0)
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