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I generally charge up to $40 for a full blown *whatever*, often times more trouble shooting than upgrading. Also allow the barter system too, rides to & from the field, pay my walk on, credit for a group order, etc. And I know just how you feel MadMax, I have gained a REAL knack for troubleshooting AEGs and GBBs. Heck, yesterday I tore apart Shagg's M4 twice to find out why his IntruderShop full upgrade wouldn't cycle (would jam early into the cycle). Sorted out the lower ass end of the piston was too big, stood out 1mm longer than a stock piston and was rubbing against the smooth part of the sector gear. Ground it down, reinstalled, it cycled farther this time but jammed again. Figured out that the piston's right hand side groove was too tight on the mechbox rail, so I shaved it down with a sharp wood chisel, tried again and it cycles great now.
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