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Originally Posted by Tankdude
I would love to meet the person who would pay someone 60$ an hour to work on an airsoft gun.... maybe if he was machining it out on a CNC mill and it is a one of a kind part, even still maybe.
People will pay it when it takes 15 minutes to install a part. That breaks down to $15.

I use to not charge or just charge very little. Then it got too ridiculous when I started getting a request for an upgrade or repair every day. The best filter to weed these jobs out so that I can actually have time to concentrate on my career was to start putting on a price for my labour. Then requests keep building up, so to filter down more, the price gets jacked up. And up.
It's not about being a con artist/ripoff/pighead/arrogant or what not... it's simply supply & demand.

Believe it or not, there are people who charge more than what I charge. A lot more. When you have a high profile, filters *NEED* to be put in place.

Everyone knows that there are people out there who will do work for free. So then why still come to me when I'm charging supposedly ridiculous amounts?
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