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Originally Posted by Tankdude

If someone is going to charge you money for putting a spring in your gun your getting ripped big time.

There is nothing complicated about these airsoft guns, just the hype on every thread is "take it to a doctor". But if your dumb enough to mess up a stock gun with upgrades then maybe your dumb enough to pay somebody to fix it for you.


I'll add something else, if someone offers you $$ to do a simple job then take it.

Well my time isn't free and while there may be not alot of difficulty in upgrading a mech box to sub 400fps, there's the whole assembly/disassembly of the gun and on some guns this can be quite labour and time intensive. How much is an hour of your time worth? If your time is worth nothing is your job worth nothing?

At work I charge people a $30 fee per incident for out of warranty support, even if it's as simple as telling the caller to plug the unit into the wall. Why? because time is money and the company I work for is not a charity. I'm not a charity and my time is precious to me.

And to stay on topic, I don't have a set rate on what an upgrade costs, it depends on the job, but usualy somewhere in the neighbourhood of $20 an hour unless it's the result of boneheadedness, then the rate doubles.
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