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Originally Posted by Tankdude

If someone is going to charge you money for putting a spring in your gun your getting ripped big time.

There is nothing complicated about these airsoft guns, just the hype on every thread is "take it to a doctor". But if your dumb enough to mess up a stock gun with upgrades then maybe your dumb enough to pay somebody to fix it for you.

I'm of a like mind. Basically, unless it's machining work, or something that actually costs you money beyond time, there's no reason to charge IMO, unless the person wants it on a tight schedule that would severly inconvenience you, and at that point, in most situations I've been in, that's nothing a case of beer or something can't fix. Besides, as far as myself goes, whenever I do anything like this, gun work, computer repairs, whatever, it's something I do in my spare time and I know that if I need a favour from them I'll get it....
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