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If you really dont mind how many kills you get, I think you'd get a kick out of sniping. Whats thrilling about sniping, besides the whole sneaky bit is watching your bb in your scope smackin the guy in the chest/leg/head etc. There's something so unique about that experience when you get to see the guy's reaction right after hitting em. 90% of the time (if you use a BA) they won't hear your shots comming so all the more entertaining.

Depending on what area you play in, you'll be completely outgunned with a BA, but if you have the patience and mechanical aptitude to tune it to your liking you'll have the confidence of knowing your shot can be far more effective than an AEG. And with practice, you can put yourself just out of aeg range while keeping yourself slightly in your maximum range which then allows you to actually trade fire with someone with an aeg without too much disadvantage. (provided you have some kind of cover)

BA guns are expensive though, upgrading them enough so they can outrange aegs is a pretty costly task. The vsr in stock form is relatively accurate and very quiet. you can learn to do your hiding and shooting with that pretty effectively since it's almost silent after 30ft or so, so you can take a few shots even if you miss the first few times. And trust me, dispite what people say about 1 shot kills, those only happen if the target is like 70ft- away. Any further than that and you'll need to fire off a shot, see where it goes and adjust accordingly, especially with a stock gun where it 'floats' the bb to the target.

If you're patient enough and just wanna have fun rather than kill counts, I'd go for a BA, and upgrade it while the money trickles in, they're immensely fun and take a bit more skill and disipline. Another fun side effect is some people get really scared when they see a BA pointed at them, because they never hear it firing so they just keep ducking and letting off like 1-2 bursts at ya. you can suppress them by just looking at them.
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