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Well, Ski, FF n FOX brought up good points n i agree with them on most. I like snipin, but sum times u cant always do it, so u gotta hunt. Counter snipin is jus as fun if not more fun (learned that from CRASH).
Keep ur AEG, u will always hav a use for it. Creep for a distance, set up n ambush, if u hav a good spotter u can stay a little longer, move along after 1 or 2 kills. Ive mercied more then shot wen i do this (god i luv my MK23).
im not great but ppl r always like "WTF! WHERE THE HELL DID U COME FROM!?!" that there makes me really enjoy the day.
try a few roles n see wut u prefer, then commit. i like sniping cuz im as slow as poop slidin uphill. lol!

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