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Thanks! You all have been a great help!

I've been considering the M14, but decided against it. I'm about to read up on the reviews of the VSR's and the KJW's, but right now I've got a general idea of a loadout if I enjoy the sniper role.

This loadout would be used in both short and long games ranging from an hour long game, to a 48 hour survival weekend.

At a long game, when sniping, I would use my sniper rifle, ghille suit, and a backpack on my back. When needed to help on the front lines, I'd fall back to a safe position, and pull out my M4 and M9, along with my ALICE gear, M16 pouches, buttpack, and hydration pack, and store my rifle and ghille suit in my backpack. (Just came to mind, that my rifle probably wouldn't fit in a backpack comfortably, possibly have a 3 point sling, and have the rifle on my back, with the ghille in the backpack ontop of the rifle.)

(Don't mind all this planning, I'm very anal about decisions and planning)
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