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On the other hand, I was rarely involved with a cheater not calling his hits. Most of the time, when shooting people in wooded erea, the BB wacking them in the chest is so loud that they know they are hit. I play with honest and respectfull people but I'v come across people that are lacking those quality. The resulting course of action are: A: Shoot them in the face (well.. that's mean, but at a distance, can be ok) or B: Ignor them, walk on your pride and move along.

I resort to option B most of the time, since I know I hitted the guy and that's enough for me. I'll make sure he knows I know after the game 8)

If you want to snipe but don't have the money for 2 specialised weapons, The M14 upgraded to 400 fps (or maximum AEG limit for your field) is a good option. It's a damn good AEG for sniping and fighting with the crowd.

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