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Go for it, only you can tell. Buy a KJW M700 for dirt cheap, use only duster in it and use 0.29g or 0.30g for ammo. Good start to airsoft, maintain a minimum 80ft distance between those that you shoot and and you, etc.

Sounds like you can do the sniper role, but not much limits you to it. I am fully capable and expereinced in the sniper role in airsoft, but it's only a tool/skill for me to help my team in the best way. Why limit yourself being only a sniper when you can run the day with an AEG in your hands, and lug a sniper rifle on your back and be a DSM. That in itself is 100x more useful than just a sniper, and will keep you more interested in sniping, instead of sneaking around in a ghillie all day long and taking only a couple shots and a kill or two. I spend 95% of my time hunting with my MP5, and when shots can be taken safely with my M24 or M700, I'll unsling it and use it. When attacking bases I'll start with my sniper rifle, harrass most and take out a few in the base, then move in with my MP5 and G19 when things are close indoors. Don't limit yourself, use all your skills and tools to their maximum potential, and have fun!!! , Sniper's Range, if you want info and to ask questions. And on MSN Messenger, if you want to talk to me. Also try to get ahold of ShaDo and SniperChic on here for added advice.

And, seing as how you are in the US, in the Snipers Perch, LOADS of good info and good people! (I'm Canadian_Stalker there.)
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