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Is sniping for me?

I have never sniped before, and I'm selling an old AEG soon, so I'll have the extra cash, but I don't know if it's worth starting to spend money on, and if I should keep with what I've got, and just get upgrades and gear.

I'm a patient guy, I've been known to sit in the bushes or tall grass just to get one kill, most of the times not even one. I don't care much about how many kills I get, I'm out there to have fun, but my kind of fun is not in unloading an unrealistic hicap on an enemy to get a kill or two, or 7. My fun, is in drilling, in field survival, in realism, in accurate military simulation, in airsofting no matter the conditions, hot and sunny, cold and cloudy, snowy, or raining. I like using 30 rds up to midcaps, but I have recently tried to make all my shots count. I'm dedicated. I will go outside in the rain and if it's 30 degrees, just to get my daily practice in. I will go outside even when I've got a pile of homework to do, and have to go out for the rest of the day.

However, my downsides are, I don't have all the cash needed. I will get about $200 from these sales, barely enough for a VSR sniper, which is what I was planning on getting anyway. I could sell my TM M4 for about $200 or so hopefully, very lightly used, but thats about it. I'd need to start my job again next year to get a income, and from what I've heard of, $200 isn't enough for gear and upgrades.

Another downside, is that even though I like using very little shots, and aiming, my shots never seem to hit where I want them to. I do the best I can, even if I'm lieing prone, controlling my breathing, my shots never want to go where I want them to. I do not know if somewhere it's user error, or if it's airsoft error, possibly need heavier BB's for groupings, or more FPS for range and thump.

I've tried most other jobs in airsoft, rifleman, recon, support. Support is much to expensive, I like it, I like giving proper fire to supress, tactical spraying. I don't care much for being a rifleman, as my shots don't seem to be accurate enough. I like recon, but my team doesn't see much use in it, although it could be incorporated if I become a sniper.
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