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Originally Posted by conrad13
It's been about a year since I got myself an M4 and all I've really been is a chairsofter. I want to get out to some games this year but I feel nervous, kinda like it's a closed community, it seems like you have to be part of a team. What's the best way to come to game? Should I contact a team in my area or contact a thread starter in the games section.

PS If this is in the wrong forum or covered in the FAQ please act accordingly
There are a number of games coming up, especially the Flag Raider games, which you should be closer to. Usually people bring one or two friends on their first time out, but not really necessary. Once you come out to the game, you'll find that the players are usually friendly. I say usually because sometimes you'll come face to face with a mean grinch like memel. But you can ignore him - we all do.

Come out to a game, introduce yourself as a new player, get to know the players. One big thing about airsoft is that, it's also a social gathering - hmmm... maybe that's why we can never start a game on time.

It's funny, not too long ago I posted a blog (though not here) about my first time out in airsoft. I was going to post it on ASC too, but wasn't completely done. *lol* Ah, the good'ol n00bie days....
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