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Originally Posted by Jar|-|ead
well i drove across the border with an aeg...but the think is...i disasembled it and placed it in different parts of the car so it wouldn't through the are fine as long as they dont have the fake bullet in
You sir, live up to your name well.

If they were placed in different places, and they found one, they would get pretty suspicious.

Example, "0MFG@!!! 1 f0und a $UP3r 1337 gun p@rT in 4is TrUNk!11 L3ts $tr1p h1s 1337 mU$T@ng d0wn and @nal pr0be h1m 2 f1nd m0r3 1337 guN p@rt$!!!111ONEONE"

Now, is that smart? I think it would be even safer to have the whole gun and tell them.
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