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Smile The Winners.

This was a VERY hard contest to judge. I can see that everyone put a lot of time and effort into their submissions (well, except me) and it shows. Those who did not win or place will obviously be disappointed, but, ALL the submissions were awesome and from a grade point of view virtually everything here scored 8.5 out of 10.0 or higher in my own scale. So you all should be proud.

First Prize
Phrozen - bbs in the balls

Second Prize
Greykin - vector rendered guns

Third Prize
spaceghost0 - very creative, very simple and yet eye catching

Humor Prize
bronney - what can I say, homosexual humor resonates with me... (okay no smartass comments out there). That movie will be the butt of jokes for years (pun intended).

If the winners could PM me their shipping addresses, I'll get their prizes out before the end of the week. If you could also provide me with links to downloading the highest res versions of the work suitable for sending off to the printing company, I would be grateful. If you can separate CYMK layers for me that would be terrific - if you're familiar with the print method or have done it before and can advise me on what I need - even better.

Thank you to EVERYONE.

The BB Bastard.
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