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[QUOTE=Rumpel Felt][QUOTE=SockMonkey]Wearing running shoes out onto the field (once dress shoes)

To you and anyone else who thinks it's necessary to go all out in some military uniform and tac gear, I don't think so.

I found out after trying several pieces of gear that I can't stand vests, things that hang on my legs, most slings and I find most boots to be way to overkill. That's just for gear. As for uniforms, I would feel like sort of a poser wearing a uniform I don't deserve and while it adds realism, I'm not for that but it's cool if others want to be. I'm about realism for my guns like metal bodies and such.

So if you see me out there in dress shoes/running shoes, dress pants or just any old pair of something and a sexy black shirt like Julian, it's not because I'm horribly prepared noob-softer, it's because I choose to and it is truley what works best for me. Not to mention stylish to me hehe.

And let us not forget pauv-softers. Mabey they can't afford gear. So don't judge a player by his gear.

Uniforms let you conceal yourself. I can't wait to shoot you for dressing like Julian. I don't think you know what you are talking about, but that is just my opinion.
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