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Originally Posted by harleyb

If airsoft is sold at Splatters and Flag Raiders and so on, what's stopping them from saying we can only use field-purchased BBs? Airsoft becomes the next paintball. Nutjobs like us who play bushball, and the next generation of airsofters, playing tournaments with corporate sponsorship.

Simple, people saying "Laters."

As for the corporate sponsorships, thats not like its not in airsoft already. I mean there are feilds that have retailers being feild sponsers.

The only problem is that if it becomes the next paintball, is it going to let minors in? I mean not all people who missuse airsoft guns are under 18, but most are. Like paintball guns, a couple years ago there was a kid from my highschool got busted for stealing his dad's car and unloaded what was said to be about 2000 rounds at houses and people on the street.

What I'm worried most about, is that it becoming like paintball in regards to the feilds. I stopped going because the refs started being bias towards the team they are on, and cheating starts happening left, right and center. Then its no fun no more cause you just want to spray the shit outta people and then they whine and bitch.... yeah...
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