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Originally Posted by Bob the Angry Potato
They can get the gun and not play, yet do moronic things with it. Just check Google Video if you don't believe me... think of it like the 'Sig Saucer P266' kids, except without eye protection. There's thousands more videos out there, you know, of kids doing moronic things with their cheap Airsoft guns.
And probably thousands of videos of kids jumping off rooftops, throwing fireworks into the livingroom fireplace, chucking kitchen knives at dart-boards...

Who cares? Tippmann airsoft isn't going to open the door for kids to be able to do dumb shit.

Why get worked up?

Besides, it's only speculation at this point that it's even going to be realistic.

Furthermore, under what circumstances would a Tippmann "replica" be marketed in Canada any more easily than a Japanese one?

I see two scenarios:

1 - Nothing changes. Kids do dumb shit, life goes on. We get airsoft in waves. As usual

2 - Tippmann does this airsoft thing in the States. It works out moderately well. The brand is okay. Tippmann has sales in Canada.

Either they're coming in through the same gateway that they get through now, (which means the same, community restrictions on age and availability will hopefully be enforced),


Tippmann markets them through the paintball shops. Or some other type of shop. I somehow have my doubts that walmart is going to start carrying anything more hardcore here than the "Buzz Bee" Nerf spin-offs, unless it's clear, or multicoloured plastic, and named something stupid like "Stinger 29"

I doubt they'd [tippmann] go to the trouble of bastardizing what might actually be a semi-decent product (tippmann may have cornered the "noob" market, but their guns DO go FOREVER), just to try and get into what I figure is a weak market saturated with shitty products (crossman airsoft)

I don't know, I don't have an MBA, but my assumption is that kids will be kids, Canada's resources for airsoft will stay the same, and if the Tippmann stuff is okay, it might trickle through.

I can't order a blow-dart gun from a catalogue and get it shipped to my place. It won't make it across the border. Even if I only ordered the parts to shoot .43 calibre paintballs out of it. Even though it's a tube with a molded plastic mouthpiece.

Thing's won't change overnight because tippmann produces a "toy gun". I won't be able to order that any easier than I can order something like a blow-dart tube. Little Jimmy Dip-shit [the Canadian edition] won't be running down the street screaming about his new "tippy-soft" any sooner than the first 3 reviews are out for the Tippmann guns, and one or two have popped up here for discussion.
If ever (and by that I mean on a regular basis. Sure, a few people always get things like that)

But, that's all speculation. I could be wrong, and I probably will be. I have that kind of luck. But it's something to think about, right?
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