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Originally Posted by Ducky
Mag's Will make it just fine as stated above there may be problems with the ones with fake rounds in them. Never had any trouble with my mags though, and customs did check them everytime.

Not everything will get seized I think its just a spread of paranoia. Or maybe some people just have really really bad luck.
It depend where you live !

Here in quebec Almost nothing from airsoft is able to go through a custom search.

Be warned. My 1st buisness order was seized and destroyed i lost over 7000$, now i have made more progress and i'm able to make legal importation for parts and accessory and aEG. Now for my Buisness Zone 27 everything is fine !

i lost a lost of stupid stuff non prohibited related : Mags, bb loader, loading rod, inner barrel, silencer, Slings, gears, internals parts.

So you better use dealer and be safe !

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