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Operation Irene III DVD

Operation Irene III
Purchased from Airsoft Extreme
Purchase Price: $15.00 USD (about $25.00 CDN shipped)
Run time: Approx 1 hour, plus bonus features

After buying and watching the Operation Restore Order and Operation Irene II dvds, I eagerly awaited the arrival of the Operation Irene III dvd. This game was played at the Zussman MOUT Center at Fort Knox, KY, with about 300 players. I must say the structure of this video is much improved over the last two. Much more in action shots (and what in action shots!), interviews with both Col. (ret) Danny Mcknight & Msg. (ret) Howard "Mad Max" Mullen, as well as many of the players, bonus footage of the night ops and a "making of" selection. I won't go into the actual particulars of the game as I don't like spoilers myself.

This video is great as far as airsoft vids go. The gameplay is great, pyro everywhere, armoured vehicles are used (2 M113's, well M108 mortor carriers actually w/o the mortors, but who really cares!). The in action footage is typically much more close up than the other videos and follows the storyline of the three scenarios well, with short "interviews" of players right in the field to get perspective of what's going on on either side at that point in time. One really cool addition to this video is the MOUT survaillence video cameras are everywhere, so you get to see many more angles of the game, including indoor footage.

Having NPC's (non-player characters) all over is pretty sweet too. Both teams had to interact with the, at times unpredictable, NPC's to achieve various objectives. There are several humourous parts as well, but you'll have to see for yourself. I was really disappointed there wasn't much of the infamous helmet cam footage that was floating around online after the game. There is some, but not much.

The props are incredible as are the "effects", yes effects. There are burning buildings, cars, vehicles driving around amongst the action, explosions, rockets flying through the air, etc.

Recommended viewing for the airsofter whore in all of us. Just wish we could have a game if this caliber here at home.
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