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Dude welcome to the sport all the way from Hong Kong here. I am not bothering about how your money's gonna go for holiday from now on cuz that's something you can't change, or control, from now all, all your base ... wait a minute you won't even have a base no more lol.

Anyway, on the kits, get the usual AEG kit, full face, and a boonie. I would walk to a game anytime just with that. For me, it's easier cuz it's just me and my vsr, no batteries required . But definitely get something to protect your head, a boonie's cool because the rim deflects nasty fires and a loose-fit one will bounce off bb's. If you were indeed covered in welts last game, you know what a shot to the temple feels like.

Again, we're happy to have assimulated you and when I come back in June, I definitely need a game down by the falls.
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