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Yo Blackthorne. While I love your Idea A package design should be able to be made real big and REAL small. Your second design has a Grand Theft Auto feel. I like it alot although I might rethink the position of the body copy. But real cool man. Good luck.

Phrozen: I realy like your design looks real professional. At first I thought the shot to the groin was a little off but I get it now. YOU BASTARD you got my balls!

Psycho: Love the contrast all the info in one short burst. Why wouldn't you purchase these bbs!? They would be so easy to locate on any shelf. The red is understated and therefore so effective. I find that your graphic makes me think of paintball though.

Allstar: GREAT web style design but I think it would be a print houses nightmare. I'm sorry but if this were on a shelf I don't know what it is that you are selling. Again GREAT style!

Well I know you didn't ask but it has been a while since I've been involved in a real design critique. I realy enjoy seeing all the entries and I want to see more.

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