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Originally Posted by ert
Originally Posted by VipaMave
Heres my submission (Actually the first graphics submission I've done on this site so far)...

Could change the BB size color, font color, etc.

Left it black and white because black and white is always good.

I was going for a simplistic but professional approach. Can't really make anything flashy for a BB bag with a limitation of 4 colors.

You do realize that 4 colors is a full color print right? CMYK... cyan, magenta, yellow, and black... Everything printed in full color uses the CMYK ink base (with the exception of using pantone inks but that's another story).
This is very true, however I do know some places when doing jobs for newspapers and such have solid colours... and they shoot them.. in a true 4 colour + bw fashion when going to press.... non process.

it just hasn't really been specified what kind of run this thing is going through.. but the most common is the 4 colour process.
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