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Lightbulb Photoshop Contest - Win 5 Bags of BBs!!!

Well, I am doing a massive BB order this week and the bagging company is giving me the option to print 4 color logo/information on the bags. As you know, the BB Bastards have always just come in a clear bag with a label on it.

I'm not an artist by any stretch and I am a cheap bastard (hey, it keeps the bbs cheap, don't knock it). The graphics skills demonstrated on this board on a daily basis simply blow my mind.... soooooooooooo....

Here is the basic information for the label:


Final resolution should be 300dpi. Submission should include .20g and .25 versions for both types of bb bags. Printing is done on a white label, 8.8cm x 8.8cm and it IS a CYMK printing process. Sorry about the original dimensions, but it should be easy to scale your artwork up or down.

Submissions should not contain copywritten logos or material I could get sued for reproducing. Be as creative and as humourous as you want. My last batch of BBs went out in Biohazard specimen bags... I was quite pleased with that choice.

What does the winner get out of this? 5 bags of BB Bastard product, shipped free of charge, anywhere you want it. Thats a $75+ retail cost. On top of that you get to point to the bag and say to your buddies "Hey, I designed that bag man..."


I am the sole judge and will choose the winner no later than Sunday March 12th at midnight. I reserve the right to select no winner if there isn't a suitable submission to choose from, but I won't use any submission without declaring a winner.
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