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Originally Posted by ATREYU
Originally Posted by hax daniels
seem to see you're the first to make the comments, you're the one im laughing at here. At the fact that we all seem that its alright to beat up on people here. Dont get enough attention at home, or work, dont take it out on us.
Uh Oh.... I see a flame fest coming....

Agreed. the way i see it, Greylocks has earned the right to do what he does. And we dont ALL tear noobs apart. Just the ones who dont use common sense. Just because thats the case 98% of the time, doesnt make it our fault. I havent been here long, and i have still yet to play the sport, but i know that you atleast take the time to research things before you stick your head in and make a new post... there may already be 3 or 4... hundred (it could happen) identical, and people understandably get fed up reading the same question over and over.

HeL is another name i go by
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