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Question about clear guns

Hi to all. I've been reading all sorts of posts in here for over a year now, ever since my (somewhat) local retailer directed me to this site for info on airsoft. I have never posted anything before (except for one where I was requesting age verification) because I guess I was much too intimidated by some of the veterans here. I found this site to be immensely educational since I did not know how much fan base airsofting has. I started to pay interest to this sport ever since my uncle took me out in the woods to shoot some coke cans when i was about 5, but only lately have I had the time and resource as well as legal requirements to actively participate. I realize this little introduction really should belong in the introductions thread but to save time and space I decided to merge the two. Anyways on to my original inquiry.

As you all know we cannot import "replica firearms" from anywhere to Canada because of the new firearms act, so I was digging around for some sort of compromise. I found the site to be selling these clear springers/ebb's and I thought to myself why not get one and try it out. So I ordered the 30$ US beretta clear springer and i found it to be quite rewarding. Seems like high quality sturdy plastic with above average accuracy and power (it can be field stripped quite easily and quite heavy from the weights in the mag and gun). The only difference between this and say, my friend's UHC beretta is mainly in color and lack of open ejection port. I was looking around airsoftcanada about what people posted about clear guns, namely the cheap canadian tire spring guns ( I bought one of those for my friend who wanted a new gun but couldnt bear to wait couple of weeks for another clear springer from speedytoys) and indeed they are below average in quality. I guess the main question is, are people showing animosity for the lack of quality of the cheap clear spring guns like the CT p-22? Or just the fact that it is clear? Performance wise I wouldn't mind taking my clear springer beretta as a secondary for my secondary, but would people laugh at it just because it is clear, even if it is of good quality? I am debating whether to purchase's most expensive clear springer S&W 1911 HG springer because as I can tell it is exactly like the non-clear one and many have praised its effectiveness as well as durability. Also I really love springer guns because I could save a bundle on gas and just be able to play with it anywhere without the fear or running out of gas.

On a seperate note I am trying to get deeper into this sport. I have a vest I bought from my local vender, a tactical holster, a KSC gas glock 17, some crappy springers me and my friends play with in my basement (yeah I know, laughable), some TM ebb's, and the new clear springer. What am I missing? (equipment-wise)

Thanks for reading.
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