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That's what this guide was for :-D

Here's an exerpt from my thread on Arnie's, a patron of that board, n00btard, was nice and took some pics of his job for the thread. He followed my guide, and was nice enough to elaborate on it:

Originally Posted by n00bTard,Mar 4 2006, 12:09 AM
Ok, got some tape.... and I apologize for the crappiness of my camera - I hope the tape isn't too hard to see.

First, here is the slightly modified handguard of my FAMAS SV:

You can see here how I've covered the right hand side with tape - letting just a bit overlap the side:

repeated on the otherside:

I then covered the front tabs as well, knowing that when I put it back on the gun, it would all press down nice and firmly. (yes, I'm an Eagles fan)

Once I put the handguard back on, the tape is hardly noticable at all.

I must admit, while handling the gun by the handguard, everything is nice and solid and significantly less creaky. So far, so good - I'm impressed.

Pics of the pistol grip modifcation are next!

Ok, now for the pistol grip. This is the major area of creakiness, especially for an SV. In this first pic, you can see the hole for the hinge that will need removed:

Now, I used an allen wrench to pop it out - came right out with just a little bit of pressure:

I then popped open the panel on the bottom - there was definitely signs of glue, though it still popped right off pretty easily:

With the panel off, I could get at the screw that holds the pistol grip on:

After removing it, on the SV, you also have to carefully push the front of the grip - these tabs up and over this flap and then slide it off:

That exposed the area that needs the tape:

That's pretty much what I did, with a bit more at the handguard. However, I added a bit more at contact points, when I can find a camera I'll put up pictures.
Today, I replaced the tape with something like this sort:

and it cut down creaking by another lot, as it allows for more friction.
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