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Greylocks... this has an almost sadistic thrill to say to people....

This is a generic response. Pick the parts that apply to you.

FAQ: (Frequently Asked Questions) Button at top of forum list. I bet what you want has probably been asked before. Also found in the Information Section.

Information: Button at far top of page (and the Information Center section of the forum). You might find the Information you are looking for. And check the pinned subjects in each section.

Canadian Retailers: Button at far top of the screen. If they are not listed, DONT buy from them. You can also look at the Classifieds section on the main page, or Trumart who owns this website. You must now be 18 to buy guns, and AGE VERIFIED (look it up), to visit our forum classifieds.If you want something, and dont see it on their websites, EMAIL them. Dont ask us.

International retailers and information: Button at the far top of the screen. Good for information, but buy from Canadian Retailers. YOU CANT IMPORT AIRSOFT GUNS INTO CANADA!

Teams, Games and people to meet (pick your Province): Team section, go see and contact folks. They will know where to play and Where To SHOP in your area.

Search button: Learn to love it.
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