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Originally Posted by MadMax
Prepare to spend around 10min working through various hold loops. To reduce the amount of back and forth have the following details available:

-tracking number (duh)
-receiving post office number (on your receipt and also in the ink stamp on the box)
-shipping and receiving dates
-value of item shipped and insured value

It would also help to have a picture of the evidently damaged box.

Unfortunately you will have to describe the contents of the package which will raise some eyebrows and the description of the damage to the item. Try to describe things carefully or they may jump to prohibited device conclusions. I.e. model of a launcher rather than a replica of a grenade launcher.

CP will reimburse as much as the item value that you admit to. Not as much as the insurance limit as optimistic shippers would assume.

How long did it take for CP to get you the funds? Also, when you say "model of a launcher", how would might that effect CPs payout? For example a new SP launcher is $350, given that the way it was damaged its not going to be able to be stablally mounted to an AEG anymore, wouldn't it raise eyebrows at CP asking for a somewhat large payout for a "model"?

If it helps at all, only the launcher reciver was damaged, nothing else in the package was. As such the total package was insured for $500.
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