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Originally Posted by shomie911
Wow, thank you for such a prompt reply. So far I've almost completely narrowed it down to the G&G 104 and the ICS 74. I can't really decide because I want the extra power of the G&G and the nice asthetics. But I also like the affordability of the ICS. Anyway how hard does the ICS shoot (FPS) consistently. Also how far does the bolt pull back and does it feel balanced. Is there any authentic or replica scope mounts for the ICS that fit.
The bolt goes all the way back, which is pretty awesome.
The ICS has a scope mount on the left side of the body, and is used for mounting Russian scopes, i have also seen some rails that mount onto the mount

If your going for a Russian theme then a Ak74M might be better because its widely used in the Russian army and interior forces of Russia.(im pretty sure : D)
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