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A Review by Solomon From Arnie's, and Red Alliance.


This is the gun i have been waiting for, for a loooong time, mainly due to ICS messing about with gearboxes (more on that later) but at last, i have the precious, AK74M assault rifle. Much debate has sprouted about the trueness of this gun over the past months, and many bent to pressure and bought a Classic Army SLR105a1 instead, with its very sexy, 'Made in Las Vegas' Arsenal Trademarks. The ICS AK74M is Full licenced with the Kalashnikov trades

'm not going to bore you with it's history, as noboody reads these bits anyhow. The AK74m is in use at the moment in the Russian army, it is a fully modernised version of the AKM, which in turn is a moderised version of the original AK47

Okays, on with the review!

First impressions:

Opon seeing the box, i was wetting my self with anticipation, in the middle of this, i happened to notice some little boxes on the box, which say:

As you can see from the pictures, it is obvious that ICS intend to release more varients, lets just hope that the AKS74, is a side folder!

Moving on, opening the box, i am greeted with much sex! And a speedloader containing 1000 bbs, a cleaning rod, two mags, site adjustment tool, barrel plug and instruction leaflet. The whole gun seems far better packaged than the other iCS guns.

I must confess that my first impression was: ZOMG!

The Gun:

Picking up the gun, i was quite suprised at the weight, 3.5kg! It is nicely distributed Not too heavy at either end. The finish is supurb! I cannot tell it from the real thing! Slotting the mag in, there is a little click, and absolutely no wobble to be seen, or creaks to be heard, anywhere.

To Adjust the hopup you must pull the bolt back, and it goes back, all the way, unlike the Classic Army version ^_^ The Hopup is extremely easy to use, and is adjusted by pushing the slider back or forth. The bolt makes a very satisfying sound when racked

Everything on this gun strips like the real thing, the handguards come off by pushing the dissembly latch and pulling them off, and the dust cover comes off very easily to expose the full bolt, which you take out (simply) to get to the gearbox, which i presume, by looking at the manual, is very easily done.

On the left hand side of the gun, there is a sight mount, which on every other AK model on the market at the moment, isn't present, an you would have to buy one, and drill into the body to fit it, to be able to mount any sort of scope or sight. THis, in my books, is a biiiiiiig plus.

The flashider, can be taken off very simply, to reveal a 14mm thread, of which direction, i don't know.

Many people have critised the handgrip, saying it is too big; i find it to be extremely comfortable, and the right size for my hands (for the record, i have 'normal' sized hands) Another point of complaint was the stock, in the flesh it is fine, looks good too ^_^

The battery is still charging at the moment, but when it finishes i will do a breif technical overview.

Overall, i am very impressed with this gun, if it fires as good as it looks, we have a surefire winner! The only cons, being the 'big' pistol grip, and the cleaning rod rattle about a bit, but, nothing a bit of 'leccy tape can't fix!

I am in love with this gun, and i hope you enjoyed reading my review Very Happy


After the battery had now fully charged, i could take her out for a nice bit of target practice in the garden : D

My first impression when i shot, was: Christ, this is loud! It has a very distinctive sound, very loud and intimidating; like no other AEG i've used : D

The RoF is decent, had no trouble emptying the 550 round hicap : )Though i will be getting rid of these for some mids : )

It is very accurate; the bbs seems to go, wherever you want them to go Smile Though, the sights don't seems to be quite dead on...But that could just be because of the wind outside : )

The range this has is moderate, i'd say around the same as most guns of this price, like an ICS m4 for example. I must say, i will be upgrading it to bang on 330, even with the hop full up, it seems to drop quite quickly, but i suppose i have been spoilt by the long range advantage of my APS2 which is firing at about 400fps

I shot at one of the little (4x6") TM targets that came with my MP7, at 10m, it was quite windy:

Then again, at 20m, still fairly windy, starting to rain : ( :

The grouping is very satisfactory : D

In conclusion i can say that this is 100% worth the money i paid for it, it looks stunning, and doesn't shoot half bad either : D

I am in love with mine : )

VIDEOof solomon shooitng his ICS Ak74M
Click here
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