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With people complaining more and more about how the FA-MAS is a creaky gun, I decided to do a quick guide in how to get rid of 90-percent of the sound.

As I have heard many complaints of the FA-MAS to be an annoyingly creaky weapon, I decided to take action about this. This is a guide, so other FA-MAS owners and prospective buyers can know what to expect, and how to take care of it.
Taking my FA-MAS apart, I placed tape on some internal spots where creaking was happening (namely the foregrip).

First, remove the foregrip. At the walls of the foregrip, the part that touches the body of the gun, add a thin layer of tape. It is not noticeable from the outside of the gun, yet it makes the foregrip a bit tighter, and removes the plastic-on-plastic creaking that plagues the FA-MAS in that particular area.

You don't need to add any tape to the body itself, simply the part of the foregrip that touches this part.

Next part was a lot harder...

The pistol-grip, as many FA-MAS owners know, is actually one of the main spots of the creakiness, due to plastic-on-plastic sounds. Following Robot2000 of Arnie's Airsoft's advice, I tried to pry open the hatch at the bottom of the pistol-grip (useful for storing small tools/ammo, by the way) with a flat-head screwdriver. However, this didn't work, I wondered why, as many owners are able to do so with their fingers. I promptly tried again, and handed the gun to a friend to try as well- it wouldn't open, even with prying incessantly with the screwdriver.
Next thing, I tried even HARDER. While trying to pry it open, the screwdriver slipped, taking a small chunk out of my finger and hitting me in the chest. I had to promptly run off, bandage up my finger and take a look at the bruise before returning.

After this, I decided "Screw it", and took out the hinge that kept it in the first place. This was done easily- I found a tiny screwdriver, placed it in the hole, and pushed the hinge out. There were no catches or gimmicks, it slid out without any difficulty.
I stuck the screwdriver in at the hinge side, and applied pressure one side at a time. Each side popped up with a loud 'Snap' sound, and opened fairly easily... except I noticed it had GLUE residue in it. No-one else had glue in it, at least on Arnie's, however perhaps mine is either a different batch or simply different in some other way.
After that, I unscrewed the small metal screw at the bottom (the pistol-grip, while you cannot tell from the outside, is hollow with very thick walls. There is a screw placed at the bottom, which you can remove). This led to me being able to take off the pistol-grip fairly easily, it simply popped off.
I applied some tape to the place it screws over, a small, rectangular nub sticking out of the FA-MAS body, and put the grip back on (taking a while to screw it back in, there were metal threads so I could put it in tightly without damaging anything). After I was sure it was REALLY solid, I tested it.
Surprisingly enough, this got rid of 90 percent of the creaks. It feels quite solid now, the gun does not make many sounds while moving it around (if any at all), and the parts do not wobble at all.
All in all, it's a decent project, which will only cost you some tape, 10 minutes (at most) and a screwdriver.
Sorry about the pictures, I used pictures existing beforehand from my FA-MAS review, before I had done the modification.
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